Hi Chris.  I added an entry in d/copyright for the vendor directory like this:

Files: vendor/github.com/go-openapi/runtime
Copyright: 2015 go-swagger maintainers
License: Apache-2.0

What's the recommended way to document this? I expect this kind of situation 
arise again in the future so I'm keen to work out what's the best way to handle 

I also added a DEP3 header to the patch itself to provide some context.  The 
large vendor
patch is only to break a circular dependency between the go-openapi validate 
and runtime
modules.  I intend to remove the patch after both packages are uploaded.

diff --git a/debian/patches/vendor-go-openapi-runtime.patch 
index 243b89a..5163b06 100644
--- a/debian/patches/vendor-go-openapi-runtime.patch
+++ b/debian/patches/vendor-go-openapi-runtime.patch
@@ -1,3 +1,11 @@
+Description: Vendor go-openapi runtime module to break circular depdency
+ To complete the upload of both the go-openapi runtime and validate
+ modules it's necessary to vendor the runtime module for the initial
+ upload. Once both packages are in the archive this patch will be removed.
+Author: Tim Potter <t...@hpe.com>
+Forwarded: no
+This patch header follows DEP-3: http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep3/



> On 23 Mar 2017, at 9:00 PM, Chris Lamb <ftpmas...@ftp-master.debian.org> 
> wrote:
> I think some clarification in debian/copyright regarding the contents of
> vendor/ (and the large patch in debian/patches) is neede for this to pass 
> NEW. :)
> -- Chris Lamb <la...@debian.org>  Thu, 23 Mar 2017 09:14:06 +0000
> ===
> Please feel free to respond to this email if you don't understand why
> your files were rejected, or if you upload new files which address our
> concerns.

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