Hi all,

I've got a quick question regarding updating a Go library package after
an import name change.

I maintain golang-gopkg-pg.v5 [1], which recently has seen an update to
v6.0.0 which also changed the recommended import path from the gopkg.in
one (gopkg.in/pg.v5) to the GitHub one (github.com/go-pg/pg) [2,3]. From
my understanding of the Golang packaging approach used in the team, I
would assume that this would call for a new package for upstream version
6, namely golang-github-go-pg-pg? I realize that this would be a
duplication with two packages for the same upstream project, but given
that import names are important (and also there might be API changes so
we need to keep around the old package as a dependency) I can't see a
better way.

I wouldn't be surprised if anyone has run into that kind of issue before
and I would be thankful to hear some thoughts.

Thanks and kind regards

[1] https://packages.qa.debian.org/g/golang-gopkg-pg.v5.html

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