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"Potter, Tim" <timothy.pot...@hpe.com> writes:
> Hi Ricardo.  Thanks for the bug report.  I messed up by uploading some of the 
> Docker 1.13
> dependencies to unstable instead of experimental - my apologies.
> I've done a new upload with a Breaks line to avoid this bug occurring until I 
> finish testing
> 1.13 and uploading to unstable.

I’m still running into this issue (or a very similar one?) with:

docker.io 1.13.0~ds1-2
runc 0.1.1+dfsg1-2+b1
containerd 0.2.3~git20161117.78.03e5862~ds1-2
golang-libnetwork 0.8.0~dev.2+git20161130.568.fd27f22-4

I installed these packages from Debian unstable, but AFAICT, no newer
version is available in experimental.

The symptom is:
$ docker run -t -i debian:sid /bin/bash
docker: Error response from daemon: containerd: container not started.

In the journal, I can’t see any errors from containerd itself.

Should docker be working in Debian at the moment? If not, is there a


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