On 2017-04-13 23:08+0000, Potter, Tim wrote:
> On 18 Mar 2017, at 10:46 PM, Félix Sipma <felix+deb...@gueux.org> wrote:
>> I can't get dh-make-golang working anymore, did something changed recently?
>>   $ dh-make-golang github.com/restic/chunker
>>   2017/03/18 12:43:58 Downloading "github.com/restic/chunker/..."
>>   go get: 55.44 KiBpackage github.com/restic/chunker
> Hi Felix.  Did you figure out what was going on? I just tried the above 
> command with
> dh-make-golang 0.0~git20161120.0.71f5e23-1+b1 and it worked just fine.
> Tim.

Hi Tim,

I just tested 0.0~git20161120.0.71f5e23-1+b1, and it worked. I don't know what
was going on, but it appears to have been fixed.


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