Am 01.05.2017 um 17:06 schrieb Roger Shimizu:
On Mon, 1 May 2017 16:07:07 +0200
"Dr. Tobias Quathamer" <> wrote:

This is not correct. Unblocks are never triggered automatically. You
always need to file an unblock request.

See this mail for more details:

I read those notices from release team for a few times.
Maybe the word "automatically" is misleading, but from what I experienced,
I feel some packages got unblocked without filing unblock BTS request.

Hm, I don't know where you read this. The word "automatically" I can see on the cited page talks about package removal, not unblocking.

"You must contact us to ensure the fix is unblocked - do not rely on
the release team to notice on their own."


AFAICS, the release team will find those proper unblock-able packages
on their own, but other developers should not suppose release team will
find all such cases, so it's always safer to send the unblock request.

Yes, the release team is really alert, but they have already enough to do. We should try to make their lives easier, not harder by making them chase RC bugs.


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