Hey everyone,

I'd like to work on packaging CRI-O for Debian and am looking for a
mentor/sponsor to help with the process. I have packaging experience from
the Debian Perl team, but am not familiar with our practices for Go
packages. As this team already maintains the Kubernetes package, it seems
like a logical team to own the crio package.

CRI-O is an alternative runtime for Kubernetes, similar to rkt and docker,
but targeting OCI-compliant runtimes like runc and Clear Containers. This
will involve updating the runc package, as CRI-O needs 1.0.0.rc5 or later.

I have a to-do list here:

Any feedback on the proposed approach would be much appreciated! I'm
guessing this package will need to be in experimental for now to prevent
the package from migrating to testing/stable - it's still very active in
development and considered pre-alpha.

I'm not sure if it's better for us to target Ubuntu (as a PPA) first. I'm a
Debian user/advocate so would prefer to start here if possible, though :)


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