Hi everyone.  I'm wondering if there is any knowledge on the team about this 
commit to
the docker.io d/rules file:

commit 777987c5b7b25b88a2b9be40c512cfc805c65ffa
Author: Paul Tagliamonte <t...@pault.ag>
Date:   Sun May 10 13:04:48 2015 -0400

    Add --no-restart-on-upgrade to dh_installinit

    This means that we don't a stop on upgrade, which can cause other units
    to fall over. Many thanks to Michael Stapelberg (sECuRE) for the tip!

M       debian/rules

Unfortunately this means an upgrade from 1.6.2 (jessie-backports) to sid 
(1.13.0) fails.
The Docker daemon is not restarted and a "client version mismatch" error is 

Is there any new thinking about how this could work?

Maybe there could be a debconf dialog saying that containers will be stopped 
possibly not restarted unless the --restart flag was used when they were 
started) in
the same way that a libc upgrade causes a notice to be displayed.

Would it be too much to assume that someone upgrading (many major versions of)
Docker would mean their containers are restarted?


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