On Sun, Jun 4, 2017 at 3:09 AM, Vincent Bernat - ber...@debian.org wrote:

> > Does Debian have such arrangement as well (no Go executables in PATH)
> > having installed a (minimum) golang-1.x-go package?
> You need to install golang-go package. Currently, this will use Go
> 1.7.

Would it be a better option to have golang-1.x-go packages to link Go
executables into PATH, instead of golang-go?

Many people would avoid installing golang-go package so as not to pull in
so many other packages that they don't need. I even go to the extreme and
didn't even install golang-1.8. Would it better to provide such choice for
them, instead of forcing them to install so many other packages that they
don't need?
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