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> On 27/07/17 14:05, Michael Stapelberg wrote:
> > It does break the API, as evinced by one build failure.
> >
> > I’m not aware of situations in the past where we created a new binary.
> > How would we name them? Is it worth the trouble?
> We had to do it once, for golang-github-dgrijalva-jwt-go-v3-dev
> Worth the trouble or not: depends on who gets to fix all the breakage
> left behind :)

Yes, I think this makes for a good rule of thumb: if fixes for the affected
packages are readily available, there’s little harm in uploading all
packages at once, and it means less work for ftp-master and less bloat in
the archive :).

If, however, fixes are more involved/not easily coordinated, we should go
the route of a new package.

> > Personally, I would just update the new version + the fixed affected
> > packages in one go, to reduce the breakage to a minimum.
> I would be OK with that.
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