Quoting Faidon Liambotis (2017-08-04 13:57:10)
> On Sat, Feb 25, 2017 at 03:53:13PM +0100, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>> Long description includes a paragraph starting with the following:
>>> Cert Spotter is also available as a hosted service by SSLMate that 
>>> requires zero setup [...]
>> That paragraph is irrelevant for this package - please drop it.
> This is a tricky case indeed and I can see both sides of this.
> I lean towards keeping it though, for the following reasons:
> - It is somewhat relevant to the package: it's useful to know that one
>   can instead use a hosted version of the software, which by the way 
>   is free for up to 5 domains, without going through the trouble of 
>   setting it up.
> - If one has more domains than that, they can either switch to
>   certspotter, or they can pay for the commercial service, and in 
>   doing so, pay the bills for the author of this software. The author 
>   essentially open-sourced the software that powers his small 
>   business, and I see nothing wrong with him profiting from it.
> - It is part of the original description of the author. Me explicitly
>   going against their wishes and removing that harmless sentence could 
>   be seen as offensive and antagonizing them.
> At worst, this is "irrelevant" as you put it, but it's just an extra 
> sentence. At best, it's somewhat helpful to users, and potentially 
> helpful to us maintaining a good relationship with our upstream and 
> them profiting a tiny bit from producing free software.

I agree the sentence helps upstream get food on the table.

I understand how someon in need of computing tools might go elsewhere 
than Debian for satisfying their needs.  But I fail to recognize how any 
of above is helpful for *our* users - whom by definition use Debian!

Package descriptions is not a billboard for advertisements.

 - Jonas

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