Source: gobgp
Version: 1.22-1
Severity: serious

goroutine 93 [select]:*FSMHandler).opensent(0x4420336140, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)
 +0x2110*FSMHandler).loop.func1(0x0, 0x0)
 +0x154*Tomb).run(0x4420336140, 0x4420311e20) +0x20
created by*Tomb).Go +0xb8

r0      0xcea6d0
r1      0x0
r2      0x0
r3      0x0
r4      0x0
r5      0x0
r6      0x1
r7      0x442001e208
r8      0x62
r9      0xf98
r10     0x441ffe1110
r11     0x0
r12     0x0
r13     0xf3
r14     0x38
r15     0x1
r16     0x1
r17     0x4420238660
r18     0x4091e
r19     0x3c
r20     0x0
r21     0x5a
r22     0x0
r23     0x17
r24     0x18
r25     0x9201c0
r26     0x9ff3b0
r27     0x40
r28     0xcea040
r29     0xffffe4b3a8f0
lr      0x42647c
sp      0xffffe4b3a6e0
pc      0x452d2c
fault   0x0
*** Test killed with quit: ran too long (10m0s).
FAIL    600.009s

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