Hi all,

just a quick comment to one of Michael's questions:

>     Satta requested an option to disable SSL verification for badly
>     configured redirection sites.
> Which sites are affected? Did we try contacting the maintainers and fix
> their config? In the days of LetsEncrypt, it seems easier to just fix
> the site.

True, and of course that would be preferable. I know that I had this
problem multiple times, but the only one I can name at the moment is
golang-github-dhowett-go-plist, located at:


which in one of its files contained an (old?) import path of


which wouldn't come through due to SSL issues.

Incidentally this upstream contacted me out of the blue recently and
asked for comments on how he might make things easier for us, so I'll
let them know about this particular problem.
I guess at least this one might work itself out on its own :)


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