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On Thu, Aug 24, 2017 at 10:37 PM, Martín Ferrari <> wrote:
> Yes, sorry, I was confused with x/tools, which has disabled tests. This
> one does not get built in other arches, so the relevant tests are not
> executed.. Maybe we should make it arch:any...?

I think the CI like ci.d.n should run on more archs instead...

> Prometheus and friends were failing. I understood now what you are doing
> here (it took me a while), and by passing tags I managed to get them
> building again, but that's not a reasonable solution.. The packages
> should build out of the box. Can't you add the correct build
> restrictions for gccgo so we don't need the tags?

ok, so I read the issue on

I don't have mips env to verify comments by foka. But what foka said
in that issue is,
gccgo reports mipsel and mips both as `mipso32`. So we need pass
another `-tags` to distinguish the two archs.
Unless gccgo has corrent build tip, we can only manually add `-tags
mips` or `-tags mipsel`.

BTW, let me down grade this bug's severity first since I think we have
workaround for that :)

Best regards,
Shengjing Zhu

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