After update to 1.8.44,
the ratt result is:

2017/09/15 23:46:04 Build results:
2017/09/15 23:46:04 PASSED: acbuild
2017/09/15 23:46:04 PASSED: goiardi
2017/09/15 23:46:04 PASSED: golang-github-xenolf-lego
2017/09/15 23:46:04 PASSED: kubernetes
2017/09/15 23:46:04 PASSED: gitlab-ci-multi-runner
2017/09/15 23:46:04 PASSED: golang-github-aanand-compose-file
2017/09/15 23:46:04 PASSED: docker-registry
2017/09/15 23:46:04 PASSED: prometheus
2017/09/15 23:46:04 PASSED: cadvisor
2017/09/15 23:46:04 PASSED: golang-github-rsc-letsencrypt
2017/09/15 23:46:04 PASSED: rclone
2017/09/15 23:46:04 PASSED: golang-github-hashicorp-go-getter
2017/09/15 23:46:04 PASSED: golang-github-appc-docker2aci
2017/09/15 23:46:04 PASSED: swarmkit
2017/09/15 23:46:04 FAILED: grafana, but maybe unrelated to new
changes (see buildlogs/grafana_2.6.0+dfsg-3 and

cannot assign to x.Logger
cannot use xorm.NewSimpleLogger(f) (type *xorm.SimpleLogger) as type
func() core.ILogger in assignment

xorm related

2017/09/15 23:46:04 FAILED: notary, but maybe unrelated to new changes
(see buildlogs/notary_0.1~ds1-1 and

cannot find package "" in any of

2017/09/15 23:46:04 FAILED: docker-swarm, but maybe unrelated to new
changes (see buildlogs/docker-swarm_1.2.5+dfsg-2 and

cannot find package "" in any of

2017/09/15 23:46:04 FAILED: nomad, but maybe unrelated to new changes
(see buildlogs/nomad_0.4.0+dfsg-1 and

cannot use true (type bool) as type *bool in assignment

opencontainers/runc/ related

2017/09/15 23:46:04 FAILED: kubernetes-addon-heapster, but maybe
unrelated to new changes (see
buildlogs/kubernetes-addon-heapster_1.2.0+dfsg-1 and

gcl.go:57: cannot use *event (type api.Event) as type
googleapi.RawMessage in field value
gcl "" related

2017/09/15 23:46:04 FAILED: golang-github-docker-engine-api, but maybe
unrelated to new changes (see
buildlogs/golang-github-docker-engine-api_0.4.0-2 and

--- FAIL: TestNewEnvClient (0.00s)

test fail

2017/09/15 23:46:04 FAILED: rkt, but maybe unrelated to new changes
(see buildlogs/rkt_1.21.0+dfsg-1 and

last time I updated aws-sdk-go, I pushed a fix in git, but no
maintainer has reviewed it and uploaded.

2017/09/15 23:46:04 FAILED: golang-github-go-chef-chef, but maybe
unrelated to new changes (see
and buildlogs_recheck/golang-github-go-chef-chef_0.0.1+git20161023.60.deb8c38-1)

--- FAIL: TestDataBagsService_DataBagListResultString (0.00s)

test fail

2017/09/15 23:46:04 FAILED:, but maybe unrelated to new
changes (see buildlogs/docker.io_1.13.1~ds1-2 and

oci/defaults_linux.go:22: unknown field 'Platform' in struct literal
of type specs.Spec
oci/defaults_linux.go:77: cannot use []string literal (type []string)
as type *specs.LinuxCapabilities in assignment
oci/defaults_linux.go:96: undefined: specs.Namespace
oci/defaults_linux.go:107: undefined: specs.Device
oci/defaults_linux.go:108: undefined: specs.Resources
oci/devices_linux.go:15: undefined: specs.Device
oci/devices_linux.go:27: undefined: specs.DeviceCgroup
oci/devices_linux.go:39: undefined: specs.Device
oci/devices_linux.go:39: undefined: specs.DeviceCgroup
oci/namespaces.go:6: undefined: specs.NamespaceType
oci/defaults_linux.go:108: too many errors

seems not related to aws sdk

2017/09/15 23:46:04 FAILED: packer (see buildlogs/packer_1.0.4+dfsg-1)

Only packer failed as expected(I will upload new version soon).

So I will upload aws-sdk-go 1.8.44 in few days :)

Shengjing Zhu

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