> Hello Debian Go Packaging Team,
> There is a circular dependency between golang-google-genproto-dev
> and golang-google-grpc-dev:
> golang-google-genproto-dev      :Depends: golang-google-grpc-dev
> golang-google-grpc-dev  :Depends: golang-google-genproto-dev
> Circular dependencies are known to cause problems during upgrade between
> stable releases, so we should try to avoid them.

I previously try to avoid such circular, but seems failed.

In src:golang-google-grpc, the package tried to avoid Build-Depends
golang-google-genproto-dev, so vendored some files when building.

I put three files in
debian/vendor/google.golang.org/genproto/googleapis/rpc and copy them
to $(BUILDDIR)/src/

However the -dev package can't just do that.

Maybe we need to break the golang-google-genproto-dev to two package,
one that only contains google.golang.org/genproto/googleapis/rpc? like

And if we break golang-google-genproto-dev to two -dev package, one is
golang-google-genproto-rpc-dev. Can the src:golang-google-grpc
Build-Depends google-genproto-rpc-dev, maybe the src packages
Build-Depends still have circular?

Best regards,
Shengjing Zhu

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