>> I see activity in docker.io's packaging repository in the v17.05.0-ce.new
>> which may work with rc4 but according to the control file it does not.
>> How about I upload docker-runc with previous runc version shipping
>> docker-runc binary and make docker.io use it by removing this patch hunk?:
> I have uploaded docker-runc to unstable (in NEW) for docker.io
> containing previous runc version
> with fixes to make it build.

I really think uploading this is not a good approach.
At least I find docker master branch is using a runc version newer
than 1.0.0-rc4.
Packaging the lasted docker release is hard, but eventually we will
do. And the runc/docker-runc in Debian will become duplicated.

CCing docker.io maintainers, so they will be aware of this.

Best regards,
Shengjing Zhu

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