Hi Andreas,

On 01/11/17 17:46, Andreas Beckmann wrote:

> * package golang-github-hashicorp-memberlist-dev in version 
> 0.0~git20160329.0.88ac4de-2 is no longer built from source

> ------------------- Reason -------------------
> [auto-cruft] obsolete source package
> ----------------------------------------------

> And since the package built fine locally (also the arch-indep-only build)
> this removal was just unfortunate timing, so I just uploaded my no-change
> rebuild instead of trying to figure out where to report a bug.
> golang-github-ugorji-go-codec-dev OTOH shares the fate, but FTBFS (#879483).
> There is #825398 about premature removal of arch:all package while the new
> source is still queued for building. Which is one factor contributing to
> putting too many packages (temporarily) into obsolete-source state.

So what happened is that because of the source-only upload, it was
considered obsolete and removed? I had no idea about this problem, I
will stop doing source-only uploads then..

Thanks for the info, and the upload!

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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