Am 27.11.2017 um 14:42 schrieb Félix Sipma:
> Hi,
> I would need to update golang-github-cenkalti-backoff to 1.1.0 for restic
> 0.8.0.
> Could someone upload the new version to ftp-master (and/or give upload rights
> for this package)?

Hi Félix,

thanks for your work, I've just uploaded both of your packages. One
nitpick, though: You've missed to add the package
"golang-golang-x-net-dev" to the "Depends:" line of the package
golang-github-cenkalti-backoff, see this commit:

Other than that, everything looked fine.

I didn't grant you upload rights, because I haven't worked together with
you yet, so I was not comfortable doing it just yet. Maybe someone of
your previous sponsors (who knows your work better than I do) could do this.

Or we'll get back to that if I end up sponsoring you more often in the
future ... :-)


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