Hi !

Time for a status update on this one, hopefully !

On Fri, 13 Oct 2017 13:36:47 +0200 Clément Hermann
<clement.herm...@virtua.ch> wrote:

> I see there are only a couple dependancies left on the wiki page. Do you
> need help ?
> I'm not a Go expert, but I would really like to see LXD in Debian.
> (also, not a DM/DD - Yet! )
> I started looking at golang-gopkg-inconshreveable-log15.v2, the
> packaging should be straightforward enough apparently. I'm willing to do
> it if it helps.

This last one is not needed anymore.

So, I did some work on golang-gopkg-flosch-pongo2
(#839748), since I had no answer.
It should be fit for release but I would need someone (from the pkg-go
team) to review and upload.

I also started working on golang-gopkg-lxc-go-lxc.v2-dev (ITP: #883488).

That's the last dependancy for LXD.

So I started looking packaging LXD stable-2.0 as well, and asked to join
the pkg-lxc team (pending approval).

I think the best approach would be to not start from the ubuntu package,
but instead, start from scratch, with dh-make-golang, so that we have
proper initial packaging, and then integrate ubuntu work where needed.



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