On 10/01/2018 03:41, Alexandre Viau wrote:
> On 08/01/18 08:24 PM, Julian Gilbey wrote:
>> However, the lists.alioth.debian.org list is due to be shut down in
>> three weeks' time (on 2018-02-01) as announced in
>> https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2017/09/msg00004.html
>> so what email address should I use instead?  And where is the Debian
>> Go Packaging Team page going to migrate to?
>> so what email address should I use instead?
> Raphaël Hertzog has updated tracker.debian.org to support team email
> addresses. We can now send mails to team+<team-slug>@tracker.debian.org.
> The tracker system will also recognize the email in the maintainer field
> and automatically add the packages to the tracker.debian.org team.
> In our case, our tracker email would be team+pkg...@tracker.debian.org.
> For now, these mails will be discarded and you will have to rely on
> other tracker.debian.org features to receive updates about the packages
> but more features will be added.

Note that there is still work ongoing to keep alioth lists alive longer
than alioth:


I would wait a bit more to see how things settle before starting to move
everything around, personnaly - we will still have a lot of packages to
modify anyway, a couple more or less isn't going to make such a
difference, and if we choose another route in the end it will mean
exceptions that will have to be handled. But YMMV :)


Clément  (nodens)

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