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On 25/01/18 12:34 PM, Alexandre Viau wrote:
> On 21/01/18 01:03 PM, Martín Ferrari wrote:
>> On 19/01/18 15:25, Alexandre Viau wrote:
>> One thing that I think has not been discussed is the repo layout: now it
>> seems we are using a flat layout, whereas before we had a packages tree,
>> separate from other things like meta, website, and even a users/
>> subtree. What are we going to do with those?
> Good point. This is something that I overlooked.
> I suggest creating a packages/ subgroup[1].
> This also allows us to manage permissions individually. For example, we
> could give -guest access to the packages/ subgroup as masters but no to
> the other trees.
> Looking at the group page will also be less cluttered.
> All of the currently-migrated projects are packages. I will write a
> script to migrate them to the packages/ subgroup and edit the Vcs-* urls
> accordingly.
> Please comment if you would prefer another layout.
> 1. https://salsa.debian.org/pkg-go-team/packages

Alexandre Viau

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