On 2018, ജനുവരി 29 9:00:58 AM IST, Alexandre Viau <av...@debian.org> wrote:
>I have uploaded a duplicate of src:zap as src:golang-go.uber-zap.
>I don't know why I missed src:zap. Probably because it didn't follow
>pkg-go naming guidelines, but even then, dh-make-golang should have
>me because it uses XS-Go-Import-Path.
>Anyways. We should remove one of the two packages.
>The next version of influxdb will require zap.
>We should open a RM bug to ftpmasters.
>Which one do you suggest removing?
>Since src:golang-go.uber-zap follows pkg-go naming guidelines, I
>that we remove src:zap.
>Do you have any objections?
>I will open a bug as soon as you confirm.

I'm okay with, we should update all reverse build dependencies accordingly.


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