On 2018, ജനുവരി 29 9:11:17 AM IST, Alexandre Viau <av...@debian.org> wrote:
>This list is pretty spammy. How do you guys keep up with actual
>discussions? Do you use filters?
>I personally missed out on discussions because I didn't see the
>I was wondering if pkg-go would be interested in getting a new list
>maybe, and leave this one for bugs/ftpmasters message?
>Hopefully we get a lists.debian.org list but I don't think that is
>happening, as we don't seem to fit their requirements.

A discussion only list would fit their requirements. Or even a combined one. 
They don't want to host maintainer-only lists.

So it would be a good thing to have a discussion only list there.

>So, maybe a new list on the newly announced alioth lists
>Any ideas, comments?

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