Dear Michael,

> • you seem to be using an old version of dh-make-golang.

Yep this is the version from Debian Stretch to be accurate.

> Run “go get -u
> <>” and re-create the package
> please (to pick up a newer standards-version, d/compat level, etc.)
> • please move the repository
> to and uncomment the Vcs-*
> tags in debian/control
> • please set Maintainer/Uploaders as dh-make-golang suggests. See
> also
> • the package doesn’t build as-is because of the extraneous blank line
> in debian/control. please remove that line.

All of that is done, I re-created the package from scratch with the
latest dh-make-golang, and the package is available at:

Thanks for all your explanations.

Best regards,

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