Dear pkg-go maintainers,

I bumped into a trouble while packaging

The library is fairly simple, however the file marshal_test.go [1]
contains this line:

  eventsapi ""

This is a circulare dependency, since containerd/typeurl is a depency of
of containerd/containerd, but requires containerd/containerd for this test.

This breaks dh-make-golang with this error:

2018/02/13 18:29:20 Downloading ""
go get: 82.03 MiBpackage
    imports cannot find
package "" in any of:
    /usr/lib/go-1.7/src/ (from
(from $GOPATH)
2018/02/13 18:29:44 Could not create a tarball of the upstream source:
exit status 1

The fact that it breaks dh-make-dolang is not the blocker here, as I can
workaround and create the packaging files manually. However, what should
I do with this `marshal_test.go` file ? Should I exclude it from the
package ? Or should I patch it ?

And more generally: I've noticed that a lot of go packages have test
files named `*_test.go` Is it good policy to remove them from the
package when they get in the way like this ? Or are they needed in some
way that I don't expect ?




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