Hello Go Packaging Team,

I reached a milestone, I managed to get an up-to-date containerd package!

I changed a bit my workflow and worked on my "personal staging area" in
salsa, ie `salsa.debian.org/elboulangero-guest`, rather than directly
in `salsa.debian.org/go-team`. I find it more convenient, I can mess
around without bothering anyone.

I also packaged several packages before asking a review, as I don'twant
to waste your time with my iterations, and ask you to review thingsthat
in the end are not needed.

So now, the bad news is that there's quite a bunch of packages to review,
but the good news is that if it's all good, then we have the latest
containerd in Debian, and then we're closer to having docker packaged
as well (I can't say exactly *how close* though...) !

So here comes the review list, with links and comments !


I forked the packages from `anonscm.debian.org` into my personal staging
area `salsa.debian.org/elboulangero-guest`.

I don't think I have write access to `anonscm.debian.org`, although I
didn't try. I just don't want to mess up so it's more convenient to use
my personal namespace on salsa.

I didn't touch the control urls in `debian/control`, so I believe that my
changes can be merged into the anonscm.debian.org repository without any
drama. Well, I hope :)

#### containerd
- There's a lintian warning about package-contains-vcs-control-file, but
  now I didn't find the right way to remove a file from installation. I
  `override_dh_auto_install` is the way to go. Any hint welcome here.
- As for testing the thing really, I didn't go far yet, I just launched
  the binary, the log messages that appeared looked healthy enough, and
  that's all for now.

#### golang-github-docker-go-events

#### golang-github-docker-go-metrics

#### golang-github-opencontainers-image-spec
- I noticed only after doing all the work that Michael Stapelberg was
  working on this package lately. I hope I don't duplicate the work.
- The 3 last commits are probably not that good, please advise and I'll
  fix it.

#### golang-github-prometheus-client-golang


These packages live in my personal staging area, that is:
`salsa.debian.org/elboulangero-guest`. However the control urls are set to
`salsa.debian.org/go-team`, so I believe it's just a matter of moving the
repository there if you give me your ack.

#### continuity
- Produces continuity and golang-github-containerd-continuity-dev.
  I looked at the existing packages docker and docker-containerd for
- I ran the series of test described at
  everything went fine.

#### golang-gogottrpc
- Produces golang-gogottrpc and golang-github-stevvooe-ttrpc-dev.
  I looked at the existing package golang-gogoprotobuf for guidance.
- Patch and issues submitted upstream.

#### golang-github-containerd-btrfs
- I disabled the test to avoid installing a btrfs-test binary, plus I
think the
  test failed for some reason, I'm not sure to remember though...

#### golang-github-containerd-typeurl
- Patch submitted upstream

#### golang-github-dmcgowan-go-tar
- This one was a tricky one, please read the commit messages for details.


I see that most binaries come with the lintian warning
`statically-linked-binary`, I guess it's just the way it works in the
go world. Should I just add a lintian override ?

In the `-dev` packages, is `${shlibs:Depends}` needed ? During the builds
I see `unknown substitution variable ${shlibs:Depends}` passing by.

In the `-dev` packages, do we really need to copy-paste all the
dependencies from the source package ?

Thanks for reading, waiting for your feedback.

Best regards,


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