Package: fakemachine
Version: 0.0~git20180126.e307c2f-1
Severity: wishlist


Please consider
to read
before fakemachine gets a Depends on qemu-system.

That URL is a bugreport against  qemu package.

Quoting the maintainer:

   qemu-system package is historical. Once upon a time there was
   just one package, qemu, which included everything. Now it is a
   transitional package, split into qemu-system and qemu-user. And later
   on, qemu-system has been split into several arch-specific packages,
   and qemu-system become mostly transitional, just like qemu itself. No
   one actually want to install "qemu" package, because it is quite rare
   to need everything of it.

What happened:
* apt install debos
* git clone debos-recipes ; cd debos-recipes/deeper/directory
* debos rpi3.recipe
* Got error about missing qemu-system-x86
* Felt the urgue to report the missing dependency
* Understond that it is some what complicate

So now there is this bugreport. Main goal is preventing
that a debos install sucks in _all_ qemu systems.

Geert Stappers
Leven en laten leven

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