On Mon, 5 Mar 2018, Arnaud wrote:
Should I file a bug upstream ?
yes, please.

Regarding the copyright on containerd packages, upstream was very responsive and updated their copyright on *almost* every package concerned.

The only package left is https://github.com/containerd/typeurl, which didn't receive any commit for the last 6 months, therefore I have no idea when upstream will feedback. What should I do in this situation, should I just leave the copyright field empty in the Debian package ?

For the 5 others packages, I updated debian/copyright accordingly. What's the correct workflow to submit them again ?

- containerd-cgroups is already in Debian Sid, should I bump the debian/changelog to <dversion>-2 ? - containerd-console, containerd-go-runc, containerd-fifo were all REJECTED due to the copyright issue, should I also bump the debian/changelog ?



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