Hi Paolo,

>> Now, you can (manually) dump the original tables SEPARATELY (not the
>> whole database!) and upload them in the new server.
>Aah, that's ugly! It will take ages. I'll do some testing on our pg8 pigbox.
>> Do follow the
>> guidelines in the postgis documentation and DO NOT attempt this
>> automatically with scripts etc.

I did mean to say: If you use the scripts (the one provided by
refractions or experimental stuff from the postgresql-common package)
make sure that you
o understand what it tries to do
o do not expect it to work

Best is to write your own script that calls psql on each table of the
old database.
So only loading lwpostgis1.0 on your new database and not dumping the
datatypes and functions of version 0.9 from the old is the manual
(I tried backup/restore just for fun). I ended up with dumping the
whole database to sql-inserts and manually deleting the function/type
creation stuff. Ugly, but 20 minutes work in total and everything
works again.
For the record: I am using the postgresql-common set-up with multiple
database clusters and installed the postgis1.0 from source because the
packages weren't ready yet...



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