no problem. i'm sure we could organize some cooperation


Paolo Cavallini wrote:
> Why not working on it cooperatively?
> Would it be feasible/useful?
> All the best.
> pc
> At 19:00, martedì 04 ottobre 2005, alex bodnaru has probably written:
>>thanks for pointing me to those issues. they are instructive as of the
>>dilema on which binary to run, and against which server.
>>i will implement those calls this way, the moment after the libpostgis
>>and binaries are installed.
>>mind you, the difference between the older libpostgis package and the
>>present one, relays in the low level support for concomitently installed
>>postgresql of multiple versions, both at build time and at runtime.
>>there still are a few issues, and you will be kept updated to be able to
>>test with latest versions.
>>best regards,

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