Yes, in general it seems a grim situation for Debian:
269 packages wait for gcc-4.0 (2 days old, has RC bugs, not yet built, too 
young, waiting for gmp) [Debian GCC Maintainers]
242 packages wait for qt-x11-free (17 days old, not yet built, waiting for 
gcc-4.0, libpng) [Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers]
>2200 packages waiting.

At 02:14, mercoledì 05 ottobre 2005, Steve Halasz has probably written:
> unixodbc-dev depends on
> gtkodbcconfig0 depends on
> gdk-imblib1 is uninstallable due to
> bug #328354
> This has kept libgdal-grass from building. Blah.
> Steve
> > Unixodbx did transition for C++ ABI just before the new release of Grass
> > a few weeks ago, and it's currently aligned for madison.
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