Package: e00compr
Version: 1.0.0-1
Severity: minor

On the ITP bug, I recieved the following request:

> Would you mind to explain, what an E00 file is? I have no idea...

And I replied like so:

> I'm not sure myself, but AFAIK, they are vector GIS files used by the
> very expensive non-free GIS software called Arc/Info. The package is
> useful for importing these into the free grass GIS package in debian.
> One of the DebianGIS people has uploaded e00compr now, we will add a
> description after it exits from NEW.

I'm posting this bug report so that this issue is not forgotten. It
would be nice if someone could flesh this out and update the package

Also, it would be good if grass Recommended e00compr and avce00. It
would also be good for avce00 and e00compr to Suggest each other.


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