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A C++ library for Geographical Information Systems
 TerraLib enables quick development of custom-built geographical applications
 using spatial databases. As a research tool, TerraLib  is aimed at providing a
 rich and powerful environment for the development of GIS research,
 enabling the development of GIS prototypes that include new concepts such as
 spatio-temporal data models, geographical ontologies and advanced spatial
 analysis techniques. TerraLib defines a geographical data model and provides
 support for this model over a range of different DBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL,
 ORACLE and ACCESS), and is implemented as a library of C++ classes and
 functions,  written in ANSI-C++.
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Changes: libterralib (3.0.3b2-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * New maintainer.  (Closes: #342800)
  * Fix new C++ transition (libstdc++ allocator).  (Closes: #339221)
  * Rename libterralib1 to libterralib1c2a, and adjust
    Conflicts/Replaces.  Patch from Daniel T Chen and ubuntu.
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Closing bugs: 339221 342800 

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