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Open Java Unified Mapping Platform JUMP
 The Open Java Unified Mapping Platform (JUMP) is a GUI-based application
 for viewing and processing spatial data.  It includes many common spatial
 and GIS functions.
 OpenJUMP has the following features:
  * provides viewing, editing, and processing spatial datasets
  * provides an API giving full programmatic access
  * loading map data using WMS
  * is highly modular and extensible
 Homepage: http://jump-pilot.sourceforge.net/
(new) openjump_1.0.orig.tar.gz optional contrib/science
Changes: openjump (1.0-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Initial Release.  This package need to go to contrib for now, as
    it builds ok but fail to run with classpath.  Working with the
    classpath developers to fix this.  (Closes: #356494)
  * Add 01_unused_sunapi.diff to avoid importing unused private SUN API.
  * Add 02_imageio.patch to rewrite the JPEG reading code to use the
    publicly documented API instead of the private SUN API.
  * Add simple manual page openjump(1) based on jump(1) page written
    by Wolfgang Baer.
  * Copied ant rule and log4j config from upstream CVS, to get
    the source building and the program running.
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