Package: openjump
Version: 1.0-2
Severity: wishlist

It would be nice if the openjump package would work with the free java
VMs, and only depend on packages in debian/main, so that it could go
into debian/main itself.  As the package maintainer, this is my goal,
and I will use this BTS bug to track progress and status.

First of all, the batik dependency need to be moved into debian/main.
There is no BTS bug on this issue at the moment, as batik is believed
not to work with GNU Classpath version 0.90.

Next, there are a few issues with GNU Classpath which need to be fixed
to get openjump working.

 - Problems with XML parsing in version 0.90, which seem to be solved
   with the CVS version of classpath,

 - Missing SCALE_SMOOTH support in java.awt.Image.  A workaround using
   SCALE_FAST instead was implemented in openjump version 1.0-2.
   <URL:> and upstream

 - NullPointerException in the Swing code (when selecting for example
   Help->About or "Layer->Add a WMS query").

I'm sure we will find other issues as these are fixed.  I'll link
these into this bug, and thus make it easy to track.

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