#committed mapscript python transition to debian-gis cvs
reassign 360576 mapserver
merge 360576 373461
tags 373461 + pending

To python-transition folks: please don't NMU gdal or mapserver, gdal
needs to go through a transition of its own - an ABI transition due to a
new upstream. A patch for gdal is welcome, but the changes for mapserver
are committed to debian-gis CVS.

On Tue, 2006-06-13 at 23:57 +0800, Paul Wise wrote:

> Don't forget that we have to update gdal so that its python-gdal
> conforms to the new python policy:

Haven't done this yet. It uses autoconf to detect the python stuff, so
we can't use the standard recipes provided by the transition

> We have to do that for mapserver as well, preferably before any new
> packages (such as the ruby bindings) are added.

I've done this and committed the results to CVS. My "import mapscript"
test says it worked, others should test too.



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