But it was a horses leg that tripped me,and I fell on the horses stone-dead body.
We stood them both in front of us and sat down with our backsagainst the loads.
Say, if anything ud make a man believe in hell, that chanting would! We asked him his name, and he said it was Mordecai.
One way and another my senses were all nervously alert.
Herefused to have anything to do with you or me unless I gave himthe wallet as security. You may remain here and freeze,same as me
Tsang-Mondrong promptly denied ever having seen the wallet.
Presently a bell rings, and theres silence.
They were discussing whether or not to betray us to the authoritiesat Leh.
But it was doubtless he who tried to poison thechiling.
Theres old books in thatplace that ud fetch a fortune in New York. Presently a bell rings, and theres silence. But we liketo pretend we are rational, since self-conceit is half the art ofbeing happy.
He is a black-souleddevils offspring and a liar, whose oath is no good. You cant tell which is which; theres blacks andwhites all in one monastery. No need, therefore, to goto him; you have come to him,
Why, then, did he send you in pursuit of us! Hell die anyhow if you dont do something.
The others fell asleep at once, but I was restless.
You, too, are looking for that chiling, andmen say you always succeed in everything you attempt. Once or twice I tried shouting again, and stopped to listen, butthere was no answer. Tsang-Mondrong said the chiling Rait made two or three attemptsto poison him.
The chiling had vanished as if the earth hadswallowed him! Why, then, did he send you in pursuit of us!
And besides, there was the psychology of delay to reckon with.
So I was not quite green at the business.
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