Package: thuban
Version: 1.0.1-1.1
Severity: wishlist


thuban upstream had made a new release more than one year ago.

Quoting the Changelog:

 Changes compared to release 1.0.1:

    * Add some support for wxPython 2.5 and 2.6. Thuban is still
      compatible with wxPython 2.4.
    * Change the way thuban deals with non-ascii text. The internal
      representation is now the user's default encoding. Thuban works a
      bit better with a unicode build of wxPython but there are still
    * Various raster data improvements. Among other things, translucent
      images are now supported on a sufficiently recent wxWidgets (2.6).
      Also, only the part of the window actually covered by the image is
      drawn which means you can have many raster images concurrently.
      Improved performance of map rendering for raster layers (by about
      a factor of 2 and even more when zoomed to small extents, measured
      for the Iceland demo).
    * Improved PostGIS support:
          o Tables don't have to have a column named "gid" anymore. The
            user can select the column to use for ids.
          o PostgreSQL views are supported too.
          o Support more PostgreSQL versions. 7.4 works now. 
    * Added support for sizable points
    * The middle mouse button can be used for panning now.
    * Give a warning when the projection selected for a layer is
      probably wrong.
    * Updated shapelib.
    * Minimum version of GDAL now 1.2.5.
    * A registry for extensions.
    * New or improved extensions:
          o Improved WMS extension.
          o Completed SVG-Export extension.
          o New Extension to dump bounding boxes of all shapes of the
            selected layer.
          o New extension: umn_mapserver for managing UMN MapServer
          o New extension: OGR for using the ogr library in order to
            load various datasource formats.
          o New Extension: mouseposition. Tool to collect mouse click
            positions (map coordinates) in a dialog. 
    * Documentation:
          o Added some documentation of the internals of Thuban. See
          o The Thuban manual has been partly translated to German 

By updating to this version, thuban will be able to replace its dependy
for python-wxgtk2.4 to python-wxgtk2.6.  The last one has been
transitioned to the new policy and would fix release criticial #391075.


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