Dear Friend,

I am Mrs.Larisa Sosnitskaya, Personal Secretary to Mr.Mikhail Khodorkovsky 
(former Owner of Yukos Oil in Russia) who was jailed may 16th 2005 for 
financing political parties the union of right forces, led by Boris nemtsov, 
and yabloko, a liberal/social democratic party led by Gregor yavlinsky which 
are opposed to the government of Mr.Vladmir Putin, the president thereby 
leading to the freezing of his finances and assets which you can read from the 
website news below:,,1834216,00.html
He gave me the document of his funds before his trial and I am contacting you 
after getting the consent of the wife Mrs.Inna Khodorkovsky following the 
seizure of their house last week to help Reprofile and invest the funds 
totalling USD$216M in your name or that of your company.

15% of the funds will be paid for your management services under a memorandum 
of Understanding that will be agreed on between you and Mrs.Inna Khodorkovsky.

As soon as I get your acceptance, I will send you the document of the funds and 
my international passport photograph.

Respond to my confidential email address:[EMAIL PROTECTED]


Mrs.Larisa Sosnitskaya

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