India’s 2020 Countdown Begins

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Chennai, India 1-1-2007. – The clock for India’s 2020 Developed Nation Strategy will start ticking from Monday. A Thinkers Forum has initiated this humble effort and seeks all views from fellow Indians. Not only do we want to achieve our 2020 goals, but we also want to give good governance to our children, grand children and great grand children. The great philosopher Edmund Burke said “the silent spectators are dangerous” and we do not want to be those silent spectators and hence this effort. Being a collective effort, we hope that all will support this noble cause by advising us on the transparent views, both positive and negative, of this initiation.


We humbly request the media to highlight these efforts for the noble cause of India’s success.

Please guide us to elevate this project.


A vital mission

 “Don’t we all want to see the nation doing well in all fields? Mere speech will not yield results. This is an initiative which will focus on the areas we need to achieve and have an active participation from the people at the other end. This will be done by asking them to reply on what will be their contribution.” Hence the organisers call it as an initiative with a vital mission in mind.


India has everything, but it lags behind in various aspects such as organization, motivation and perfection. This made our Thinkers Forum analyse deeply about what could be done to achieve the goal of 2020.


Our movements such as Speak Good English and Back to India all contribute to achieving the goal of 2020. Some of our goals are listed below:


  • Make India the best developed country before 2020.
  • Start speaking Good English campaign
  • Create more and more jobs
  • Overall developments in transforming our current educational system
  • Developing Industry Institute Interface
  • Improving the Standard of Living
  • Stop Smoking, Stop Drinking and Start Living following Gandhian principles.
  • Catch our youth young
  • Improving our legal system
  • Improving rural development


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2020India – Thinkers Forum

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