On Sat, 2007-03-03 at 21:29 +0900, Kobayashi Noritada wrote:

> >    * debian/po/de.po: added, thanks to Kobayashi Noritada. (Closes: #413119)
> Thank you for quick response!  However, my po is _ja.po_, not de.po.
> So, there is a mistake either in your changelog or in your package.  I
> cannot see which is wrong so far (since I cannot get the package now),
> but anyway, could you please fix it?  (If this is a mistake in the
> package, it is a big problem; else, not so big. :-) )

WOOPS! Anyway, it is just a changelog typo. I think it is OK to leave it
like that for now, another upload would be a bit of a waste of build
time and so on. I'll correct the changelog in SVN though.

Package is in incoming: 




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