Dear prospect,
   Would you like to Work Online from home and get paid weekly? Rose household 
Textiles Ltd Uk is presently in search of a representative in the United 
States. Someone who will be working for us as a partime worker and get paid 10% 
of every transaction. This  job will not affect whatever kind of job you have  
presently so you can please read through the job Proseedures and reply to this 
offer if interested.

Firstly i will like to know your asl and what u do for a living. I am 38/ male 
/ England, london,I work for Rose household Textiles Ltd Uk. 

The company name is Rose Household Textiles Ltd, located in Khan House, 
Chattley Street in Manchester, Lancashire Uk where Our main head office is 
located, we also have Our main factory in africa where we extract the raw 
materials(cotton) need for the manufacturing our products. 

We manufacture ! duvets,pillows,bedlinen, covers, mink blankets, satin 
bedspread and supply to our customers in the united states, UK and some other 
countries around the world, and You can check our website to get some more info 
about us. 

We are looking for a representative in the states, someone who would help us 
recieve payments from our customers in the states because the cost of coming or 
sending a representative from the company to the state and getting payments is 
very expensive, we can spend up 1,300 dollas only in buying tickets,so we need 
a representative in the united state who will be handling that aspect, 

We are willing to pay 10% per every payment u receive and you can still keep ur 
regular job while you work for us, all you have to do is help us receive 
payments from our customers in the states. 

These payments are going to be coming in US Lagal Tenders cush as cashiers 
cheque or money orders and they would come to you in your name, so all you 
need. do is cash the cheque collect your payment and wire the rest to us via 
western union 

The only problem we think we might have is "Trust",but we're very sure we can 
count on the FBI to help handle any unwanted situation like incase anyone tries 
to get away with the company's money. So my question for you is "can we trust 
on you ? Well then if yes and interested you would be sent an AUTHORIZATION 
FORM which you have to fill, sign and return as soon as possible for approval. 

It wouldnt cost you any amount, You are to receive are payments which will be 
sent to you by fedex or usps from our clients, which would come in either 
cashiers cheque, money order,travellers check or even international money 
order, and all you need to do is receive these payments , convert them to cash 
at your bank (get it cashed), deduct 10% of the total amount which will serve 
as your commission and forward the balance to our company here in London, any 
of our branch in the UK or even to our factory office in West Africa , Via 

If you are interested and satisfied with our terms and offer please send an 
email indicating your acceptance. Also attach the following information: 

(1) Your full Name and Address. 

(2) Phone Number and your email where we can reach you daily, 

All these will be sent to our head company to be approved as a new 
representative and to be connected to our customers who are ready to make 
payments. please if you have any questions to ask, do not hesitate to include 
in your reply . 

I Await your Urgent Response to this email ([EMAIL PROTECTED]). 

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