Package: grass
Version: 6.0.2-0.dgis.stable.1
Followup-For: Bug #418833

that patch makes it functional, but still there is a problem?

[this is lib/init/; bug already fixed by Frankie in DebianGIS's SVN]


+       else 
+               GRASS_HTML_BROWSER=true

GRASS_HTML_BROWSER should be the path to a web broswer executable, not a boolean
answer. UNLESS we just want it to silently fail by setting the web browser to be
`/bin/true`, but that's a bit odd and misleading to readers of the script.

FWIW I've cleaned up this part of lib/init/ in the GRASS CVS some weeks 
  Revision 1.106

suggest changing the `true` fallback to something more web browserish.
("mozilla not found" is a better error message than "true not found")


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