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The Hierarchical Data Format library -- runtime package
 HDF  is  a  multi-object  file  format  for  storing  and  transferring
 graphical  and  numerical data mainly used in scientific computing.
 HDF  supports  several different  data models, including  multidimensional
 arrays, raster images,  and tables.
 Each defines  a specific aggregate  data type  and provides an  API for
 reading, writing, and organizing the data and metadata. New data models
 can be added by the HDF developers or users.
 This package includes some basic utilities to view, pack, unpack,
 HDF files.
  Home page: http://www.hdfgroup.com/
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Changes: libhdf4 (4.1r4-20) unstable; urgency=low
  * New maintainership team. Added myself as uploader.
    (closes: #387775)
  * Updated descriptions as long due.
    (closes: #209570)
  * Now libhdf4g-run renamed in a more conventional (and coherent with HDF5 
package) hdf4-tools.
    Usual conflicts/provides/replaces provided.
  * Policy bumped to 3.7.2 (no changes)

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