[Andreas Putzo]
> Storing the plugins system wide still gives the user the possibility
> to use josm's download/update functionality. I worry that this could 
> lead to some problems due to plugin incompatibility, version conflicts,
> etc.
> Removing the download code might be an option. Do you think this
> would be an unnecessary change to the original src and we should
> rather try it the way it is, shipping an josm-plugins package _and
> leaving josm's dl function intact?
> Sorry if i'm asking silly questions for maybe obvious answers, i need
> to learn here :)

I suggest you leave the code intact, and try to get upstream to solve
any version skew problems by adding some version checking code.
People are allowed to make problems for themselves, and adding plugs
both globally and per user with different version requirements in
making problems for themselves.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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