On Aug 04, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> The problem with openjump is that it is a package in Debian/contrib,
> and only Debian/main is used at the moment.  Not sure if we want the
> non-free SUN Java package on the Live CD.

At the moment josm unfortunately needs to go to contrib, too.
This is mostly because of the dependency of libmetadata-extractor
(currently in new) which uses a com.sun. class to extract exif tags
from jpeg images.
I'm working on this but there seems to be a lack of alternatives so
this may need some time.
Dropping josm from the Live CD seems unfortunate to me as it cannot be
used for mapping parties and other osm related work until above issues
are solved.
I would prefer shipping contrib with the cd (or build a second one)
while keeping the non-free dependencies at a minimum for now and
trying to remove/replace them on a step by step basis.


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