Package: libhdf4g
Version: 4.1r4-21

Dear hdf4 maintainers,
since i have an amd64 system, i have problems with hdf4 files create by a 
32-bit system (e.g. satellite data MODIS, MISR ....). I sent you two little 
hdf files create on a standart 32-bit and the amd64 system with example 
source (sd_rd.c) from hdf web site. And if you look with a hexeditor into the 
files, you see that the bytes of the dataset and dimensions are swapped. So I 
guess this is a problem of compiler flags (-DBIG_LONGS -DSWAP).

I use:
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5600+ clocked at 2812.962 Mhz  
Kernel: Linux x86_64
and libc6 2.6-2

Thank you for your great work and 
best regards
                                Tilman Dinter

University of Bremen 
Institute of Environmental Physics
Tilman Dinter


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