The xerces maintainers have decided, with Xerces 3.0 still not ready
and almost two years having passed since 2.7.0, to release 2.8.0.
There was an RC1 a couple of weeks ago which I uploaded to
experimental and which has now finally cleared NEW.  In the mean time,
upstream has already voted to freeze for 2.8.0, so that should be out
very soon.  I will be uploading xerces28 to unstable at that time.  I
would encourage all of you to test your packages with xerces28.  I
will probably request removal of xerces27 before lenny is released.

I have maintained the habit of packaging multiple versions of xerces
in different source packages because the xerces people have a
reputation for making changes that break other packages, and it has
happened several times in the past that other packages
(libxml-xerces-perl, xalan, perhaps others) require their own updates
From upstream to work with newer versions of xerces.  For the vast
majority of packages, however, it should suffice to simply replace
libxerces27-dev with libxerces28-dev in your build dependencies.  I
have run through my battery of tests with xerces28, and everything
looks good.

A few weeks after I upload xerces28, I will post bugs against all
packages that still depend upon xerces27 asking that they be modified
to use xerces28 instead.

Jay Berkenbilt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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