Dear Reader,
One of the exceptionally colourful space of Kéttemplom köz in Kecskemét is 
Forrás Gallery, where customers are awaited with assortments of high levels, 
jury graded folk arts and crafts. The name of the shop also reflects that 
people of Kecskemét, national and foreign tourists can only find and buy here 
unique artworks of masters of folk art and folk artist craftsmen and women 
whose knowledge originate from the old Hungarian tradition.
At the gallery, especially beautiful potteries from various areas of the 
country can be admired and bought: jugs, vases, pots, milk jugs, fish soup mugs 
and full table sets from the workshops of Tiszafüred, Sárospatak, Mezotúr and 
Somogy. Besides useful and beautiful tableware: special dishes for duck frying 
and stuffed cabbage, and wonderful works of a potter from Sárszentlorinc: Proto 
Hungarian platters decorated with Hucul and Turán patterns are also sold in the 
shop. Folk weaves and woollen rugs sold in the shop are from Heves and 
Mezokövesd, while splash guards are the crafts of folk artists from Hajdúság.
Besides rag carpets and woollen haversacks, bone-laces, table clothes dyed in 
blue, embroidered rustic blouses, full folk dresses of various regions, 
original folk dolls, velvet-bags embroidered with pearls, wallets, and casual 
shawls are also available in wide assortments at affordable prices.
The gallery also offers for sale smaller bread baskets, wicker utensils, 
articles for personal use made of bulrush and twig, fine pieces of dry flower 
arrangement and wreaths; casual decorations that on can create in ones home the 
past, traditional and intimate mood of holidays can also be found there.
Besides the jury-graded works, visitors are also welcome on the upper level for 
ever renewing exhibitions, where the exhibited works can be bought. Portraits 
and bigger paintings made by Endre Szász owned by a private collector of 
Kecskemét were exhibited in the gallery, also carpets made by his design, and 
the works of excellent painters of Kecskemét can be regularly seen there.
Works of András Bruncsák, István Szappanos, Péter Gyenes and Gábor Walter, and 
sculptures of Ferenc Polyák. Besides the paintings of the well known artists, 
the shop provides opportunity for young and talented artists to introduce 
themselves as well.
Visit us at:
Erika Tiszavölgyi
H-6000 Kecskemét, Kéttemplom köz 7.
Telephone: +36 76 508 558   Fax: +36 76 508 558 
Bank account: Lakiteleki Takarék Szövetkezet, Kecskemét
IBAN: HU 91 5200 0056 1451 1400 0000 0000
Tax nr.: 63076884-2-23
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