(new) libgeotiff-epsg_1.2.4-3.diff.gz optional non-free/science
(new) libgeotiff-epsg_1.2.4-3.dsc optional non-free/science
(new) libgeotiff-epsg_1.2.4-3_all.deb optional non-free/science
the GeoTIFF library -- EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset
 This C library supports TIFF 6.0 based interchange format for georeferenced
 raster imagery. The GeoTIFF standard has been developed for reading, and 
 geographic meta-information tags on top of TIFF raster.
 This package contains EPSG Geodetic Paramenters data files which can be used
 with standard projections. These data are useful to better dump geo-contents
 of many GeoTIFF files.
(new) libgeotiff-epsg_1.2.4.orig.tar.gz optional non-free/science
Changes: libgeotiff-epsg (1.2.4-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed missing dh_installchangelogs in debian/rules :-/
  * Added Homepage field in debian/control
  * Fixed wrong section in binary package.

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